Hey Peter, why do you look like crap?

User Rating: 8.3 | Spider-Man 3 PS3
Not going to say much more than Gamespot's review. Spiderman 3 is more like a game on its on rather than a movie tie in. Below are my opinions and review:

Gameplay: 9/10
The first 10 mins of tutorial is the most horrible part of the game. Actually the series of spiderman games all have horrible tutorial levels. Gets the job done though.

I'm pretty impressed with the web swinging which is what sold me SM3. The camera is kinda annoying and the first thing I did was to change them to invert so it is more natural to me. Not sure about you guys but inverted camera controls seems to be in most games which I'm used to. The fighting mechanics are pretty straightforward.

Difficult bosses are actually great because they are supposed to be some Super Villians while you are a Super Hero! The game has some GTA "open missions" going on; I hear a police siren, switch on spider sense, the police car is highlighted, follow it and solve crime!

Graphics: 7/10
Spidey looks the best, most bosses look great, J. Jonah Jameson looks great, Harry Osborne looks great, Eddie Brock looks great, Mary Jane looks ok. But why?! Why does Tobey, I mean, Peter Parker looks like crap?! Ok, maybe Peter Parker looks kinda crappy in the comics but can't they at least make the main character look better?

Overall, the graphics are acceptable as it has do many things going on; buildings, bridges, cars, pedestrians etc. Frame rate became choppy at times but I still find it pretty acceptable. There are no reflections of people on windows though, just reflections of buildings. Not so next gen eh?

Sound: 8/10
Voices of the original actors are great. Bruce Campbell, the narrator, annoys me though. Sound effects are ok. Music scores are from the movie so that can't go wrong.

Value: 7/10
Spiderman 3; the movie owned by Sony with the Playstation 3 font. You would have thought it'll utilize the Cell or Bluray but no; It has no advantage over the Xbox 360's version except for the Green Goblin character in the Collector's edition, and the loading will be slightly faster since it installs about 2GB of data on the harddisk.

So if you own both the PS3 and Xbox 360, and don't care about collector's edition, go with the Xbox 360 since it's cheaper. I only have a PS3 and of course I got the Collector's Edition for the Green Goblin. I felt that PS3 "normal" version should be the Collector's Edition. Reason? Come'on we bought the console with Spiderman 3 fonts!

Final thoughts:
Sure, the game do have some glitches but most importantly, it's fun. When I first played it, I spent like half an hour swinging through the cities. You can't do that with games like GTA. If you like the movie, if you want to play as Spiderman, if you want to beat up Super Villians, get the game. (Get the Collector's edition if you want to play as New Goblin as well)