Hardest, most broken spider man game ever!!!!!

User Rating: 1.5 | Spider-Man 3 X360
Over the years I have played some of the best Spider-Man games of my generation, and most of them were challenging enough, and not too hard. But Spider-Man 3 is ridiculous!

First off, the controlls are okay, they are mostly easy to follow and to use, but the game sometimes chooses not to correctly register the correct action with the corresponding button press. You may press the attack button and have spider man shoot out a web instead. Sometimes spidey does nothing at all. Frustratating insn't?

The graphics are sad to look at. It makes all of the characters look depresed and the voice acting makes them sound as bad as they look. The only exception is the city. It looks actually kind of great. Expect that to be the only con in the entire game.

The camera can work most of the time, but it can sometimes spin around uncontrollably, especially when crawling on a wall. The frame rate is very very choppy during wall cralling and especially during combat. as you watch spider man flop around from being injured so many times, the camera tries to follow along in the same pattern, but in the opposite direction, along with nauseating screen shakes.

The combat is one of the rage-inducing factors to an awfully broken and difficult game. You can never actually get a chance to attack an enemy unless your constantly using you spider sense ability, but even that doesn't help much. Whenever you try to make spider man fight an enemy, spider man might turn the wrong way and attack air or a wall, giving your enemy the perfect opportunity to strike. Dodging out of the way never works because in order to succesfully dodge an incoming attack, you have to make a successful counter attack, and after every possible attempt, spidey will always miss. the combat requires you to frequently mash the buttons so far down into the controller that you nearly brake it every time you defeat an enemy (which is very hard to do). It also gives you painful hand cramps. Another frusterating factor of the combat is that even after you defeat an enemy, spider man will still be locked on to that same person, so instead of attacking the guy whose about to kill you, spider man will be too busy tossing around the dead body of his previous encounter.

The worst part in the entire game is that it is maddingly difficult!!! Nearly all of the missions require you to fight an entire country's worth of thugs and villans at once, and with the jerky combat ruining everything, it makes the entire game no fun, except when your freely swinging through the city with no actual objective. The game plays out with everyone surrounding and ganging up on you, and then they beat you down relentlessy untill your bones are gravel and you flop around like the dead fish he is. When an enemy attacks, spider man will stand there for several seconds to take the punch and to take damage. The game allows you to perform special attacks on your enemies, but they NEVER work! Soon enough, your health bar will empty out faster than the levels of whatever sanity you have left. In fact, the game is so difficult I haven't even beaten it yet, and probably never will.

Spider-Man 3 is the worst spider man game, superhero game, and movie tie-in game I've ever played. It makes Thor: God Of Thunder look like high art.