As soon as the games start to get good, the movies get bad.

User Rating: 9 | Spider-Man 3 X360
Spider Man 3 is a prettty impressive piece. Not sure what critics were smoking when they wrote that review! Graphicallyy this game is very good to look at, Spider Man has alot better animations, and webswings more fluently. The story was ok, alittle worse than part two. The gameplay took a great improvement, it looks like the creators took some pointers from God of War. There are sequences were you have to press a certain button at a small amount of time just like God of War. Surprisingly it was pulled off very well! It made moments seem more epic and true to the movie.

The voice acting was good, but I think that some people either just weren't trying or they weren't getting paid enough, like guy who played as Eddie Brock, for example. Sometimes it looked like the character model was acting better than him. The story, (which was pretty much the only thing you could do) was satisfyingly long. The difficulty seemed way too much for a casual gamer! You'll yell in frustration, you'll want to throw the controller down to the ground and cry for hours and hours, yelling "Why?! WHY GOD WHY?!!! I know I did.

To sum it all up, this game is worth the money, one of the most underrated games in this site. I give Spider Man 3 the videogame a 9 out of 10. (If only the movie was this good.) :D