With high expectations SpiderMan 3 was horrible, I was expecting a wii version of Ultimate Spiderman for PS2, too high..

User Rating: 1 | Spider-Man 3 WII
Were they on crack when they made this game? let me start off by saying that the controls are crap, web shooting is horrible, you just try to wave the nunchuck back and forth. For attacking... oh god... don't even get me started. The main thing that makes this game hard is the CONTROL!!! for god's sake IMPROVE THE CONTROL!!! it is HORRIBLE!!! I played this game for 10 minutes 10 MINUTES and I hated it, I though I was going to get an improved version of Ultimate spiderman. I got a joke, I got a joke that deserves to be burnt to the ground... seriously... DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. To sum it up in a few words, bad control and bad graphics. THAT IS THE WHOLE GAME!! I am not kidding.Please, please do not buy this game, you will regret it, if you are planning to get the game, get ultimate spiderman for PS2/GC instead, it's a helluva lot better.