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User Rating: 9.4 | Spider-Man 3 PS3
-Review May Contain Spoilers-

The first time I was able to play Spiderman 3 was the day it came out, which was a few weeks ago. I'll admit, the game has alot of hype going on for it, and many weren't sure if it could live up to what Spiderman 2 the game was. Well I was shocked to find out that this game matches, maybe even beats the second iteration of Spiderman. In the beginning of the game you start out with a few missions, and the first one I tried was something to do one one of the gangs- I believe the Apocalypse Gang. In the gang, there are territories, owned by three gangs- The Apocalypse Gang (gang of punk thugs) Arsenic Candy (A Gang of Goth Girls) and the Dragon Tail gang (Ancient Asian Martial Arts gang is the best I can really put it). Well, in the first mission I finally got to webswing around and go beat up some bad guys, who have tried to get some information out of a bystander and have decided to attach him to a crane and send him into the water. Well, you, being Spiderman after all, jump in and beat up the thugs, then proceed to save the man from the crane. After your "Thanks Spidey!" You once again webswing off to do another mission, or fight crime. Either which you please.
An aspect of this game that I definitely like is the interactive cutscenes (First used in Resident Evil I believe) where you tap buttons at a certain time and your character will do an action if you press the button correctly.
For example, when disabling one of the Mad Bomber's bombs, a subway train will go haywire and start to go fast down the station. You rocket yourself to the front of the train, and (Ironically just like in spiderman 2) have to press a series of button combinations to shoot webs so you can use Spidey's Ultimate strength and stop the train.
Another example is when you turn into the New Goblin (PS3 Collector's Edition only) and you are dodging a bunch of cars because the Sandman has turned into a bit of a "Sand Tornado" at the precise moment you flip the left stick to dodge a stray car, press the right stick almost directly after and dodge another, then press up on the left stick to jump onto a car that seperates you from your glider, which you must then run up the car and press X and left stick down to reunite with your glider, Which allows you to save Venom from killing Spiderman.

But let's move past the gameplay. Playing in 720p, the graphics look spectacular. Spiderman and his surrondings are all rendered very well, and you are able to see your mirror image swinging as you fly past buildings on your web. The Characters in the game almost look photo-realistic to the ones in the movie. The sounds in the game are also great, my only gripe though is that when you are playing as the New Goblin, the developers didn't even bother to put in another voice line for them to say "Hey, Thanks Goblin!" Instead, the cops just say "Thanks webhead" or "Thanks Alot Spidey!"

One thing I also miss from the old game are the random crime, like the robbers getting into a firefight with the cops and you having to save the cops before they get away. Another thing that annoys me is defusing the bombs, which can sometimes be frustrating.

Other then that, the game is perfect, and mirrors how it feels to be Spiderman. I give the game a 9.5, as you may have already read.