Spider-Man 3. A so-so game which has its pro's, but certainly has its cons.

User Rating: 5 | Spider-Man 3 X360
Sadly, the cons outweigh the pro's for me, though. The biggest pro is that it's Spider-Man, come on! Who doesn't want to be him? Pro number 2 is that the city looks fantastic, and it is fun to swing around in the big, open city of New York. The city brings a major con with it though. The city of New York is dead. Spider-Man 2 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube had cheering pedestrians and sounding car horns whenever you came close the streets. There was always something happening in that game, each and every twenty seconds, an event popped up, ensuring there was always something for you to do. All that's happening in Spider-Man 3 when you mindlessly swing around, are pedestrians screaming in fear whenever an event happens.

In Spider-Man 2, the city events were hurled at you, often having three green marks in the corners of your screen. In Spider-Man 3, you're lucky when you find only one. The city events focus too much on road rage as well, may it be a police chase, or a person losing control of the vehicle. The story missions are disappointing as well. There are a lot of them, I don't think any person with all the time in a day could finish it in a day or two. The only problem is; the missions are not fun to play. There are some some scenes that sure were more gruesome than I would have expected in a Spider-Man game (a giant lizard holding a guy's head between its jaws, yanking his lifeless body around), which I somehow did like.

Given, Spider-Man 3 has its pro's. The quick-time sequences are very cool to look at, and you really get to see Spidey put his acrobatics to good use. The action is one of the few things that has improved over Spider-Man 2. The music is better as well. During the first night-time missions from DeWolfe, a calm electric guitar solo is heard, perfectly suiting Spider-Man investigating criminal activities at night.

While Spider-Man 3 has its ups, the cons outweigh them. Looking for a Spider-Man game? It's probably to keep looking for a while. If I were you, play Shattered Dimensions instead. If you'd like to try Spider-Man 3 out, go ahead and rent it, you just might like it. Spider-Man 3 is still not too bad.