Spider-Man (1991) Cheats For Genesis

  1. Ultimate Cheat

    Go to the options screen and put spidey by the level option. Hold START on CONTROLLER 2 and hold A+B+C on CONTROLLER 1. While holding those buttons, press UP on CONTROLLER 1 then UP/RIGHT on CONTROLLER 1. You should see 3 exclamation marks next to the level now. Finish selecting your options and start the game

    Now to access the cheat, pause the game and:

    1) press A to max your web
    2) press B to max your health
    3) press C to get 5 seconds of invincibility
    4) press A+B+C to go the next level!

    Contributed by: thrash777 

  2. Unlimited Web

    When the game starts, go to options, change the difficulty to easy, change the controls to: A:Punch, B:Jump, C:Web
    Now play the game; you should have unlimited web.

    Contributed by: Kyto 

  3. Cheat Mode

    Go to the options menu, enter the level selection and choose Spidey. Hold: Start on 2P and Hold: A+B+C on 1P then press (the diagonal button on the D-pad) up-right. Pause during the game and press A for Web refill, B for Full life, & C for Invincibility (this only lasts temporarily)

    Contributed by: expensivegift 

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Spider-Man (1991) Cheats For Sega Master System

  1. Secret PacMan game

    Play Electro's level on Nightmare mode, using Spidey as the man character and Venom being the ghosts. Once you've collected the key, go to the left side of the screen and drop. Land on it, and when you go back to Peter's room, you'll have the option to play Pacman

    Contributed by: Veinz 

  2. Wear Venom's Suit

    To equip Spiderman with Venom's suit, start the game in "Nightmare" mode. After you defeat the Lizard at the end of round 2, move to the right and fall into the pit where you can find the Lizard's key. Walk through the sewage to the bottom of the ladder, hold Down, and press 2 to make Spider-Man dive into the sewage. Press 2 again, and Spider-Man will leap out wearing Venom's suit.

    Contributed by: Mezmorize99 

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