hard core random fun

User Rating: 10 | Spelunky X360
At first Spelunky seems unnecessarily hard but after a while you start to love it for its difficulty, surviving a hoard of levels and thinking ' how the hell did i survive that!' makes you feel proud of yourself, but sadly the end of world tunnel man makes you feel disappointed because you'll sometimes not have the items needed to open the level entrance up - not having enough money, bombs, rope or even a gun just forces you back and this feels unfair, but i guess it teaches you its a bit like life, because its not all way's fair. and if you keep pushing you'll finally get there.

The game teaches you the basics but its your experimenting which makes things fun, throw enemies into spikes, go gambling, rob the shop even discovering a giant worm can help every play through feel different and this is what it does best. like fallout you'll have something to discus about your journeys through the netherworld.

A great game that makes us recall the hard core days of Rick Dangerous, this might not be other peoples cup of tea but it is mine:)

You'll love
- every game is different
- using enemies against enemies
- has more depth then it looks
- the feeling of reward for completing a world

You'll hate
- doesn't provide you with unlock-able upgrades to make things easier just new characters
- the feeling of disappointment for not unlocking a world
- man it's really hard
- I mean it's really hard!
- sometimes a level can't be completed due to a lack of tools.
- not easy to get new health
- some times punished from something you've just thrown.
- spikes, arrows even the basic bat, you'll learn to hate these.

- buy bombs when you can, also going for crates can have its rewards.