this game took me by suprise the first hour became two than four and so on.

User Rating: 9 | Spelunky X360
Spelunky in short is a game entirely based on going into an ominous cavern and grabbing loot, sounds simply right then you add in the spiders, bats, arrow traps, and an angry storekeeper who set's up shop in pretty weird places and you've got a recipe for hours upon hours of fun.
The coolest feature about Spelunky to me is the fact that there are an unlimited amount of levels for this game is rogue-like in terms of each level is randomly generated. Now i know what your thinking a random generated level is not going to be as well built as a pre-built level, sometimes that's the case most of the time it's not. Most levels in Spelunky have the traps laid out in such a way that make's you think this isn't going to be easy instead of the level generator screwed me over that's the part of spelunky that always gets me.
Now down the part that will scare most gamers the difficulty, this game is brutal.I've made it to lvl5 (world 2) with the shortcut built and died 33 times, no joke. but in spelunky that is an accomplishment, and i feel pretty good.
I have yet to play the co-op in this game because this review is based on the Pc version which is the same game as the xbox version just with different music, graphics and a little less stuff. If or when my friend gets this game on his xbox and we've played co-op i will either add on to this review or I will write a separate co-op review.
In conclusion, Spelunky is not a game for the weak of heart or easily frustrated if you fall into the latter you may want to put padding on your controller, but if you give Spelunky the time of day you may find the treasure of a lifetime.