Difficult but fun game, especially with some couch buddies

User Rating: 8 | Spelunky X360
And it is both more difficult AND fun with friends. The multiplayer is only local, and your friends will get in your way, but it makes it all the more fun as you die laughing and yelling at your friend for killing you.

I downloaded this game because I wanted a good local coop game to play with my brother. We got two more friends to come over and play, and we had a blast. Even if we played the same level over and over again (the mines), each section is randomly generated like minecraft, so it doesn't grow boring (well, maybe a little). There is also a deathmatch mode where we fight against eachother, and that was total mayhem pleasure as well, setting bomb count to 99. It's a great game, and probably the best local multiplayer game on xbox, atleast that I've played.

The game is very hard, and that is both a good thing and bad. If you are looking to challenge yourself, this is the right game to get. There are traps you never thought you'd run into, and enemies will get you even when your prepared for their assualt. You will get frustrated, but the game never gets tedious. It makes you want to explore, and see what is waiting on the other side. The game will make you feel stupid, such as using a shotgun, the recoil will shove you right off an edge and into spikes. There are about five levels, and even only on the second feels like the last challenge. It is a hard hard game.

The game may feel too hard, or atleast, unfair. Getting life back is difficult, and you only have 4 hearts. And you can only save progress on single player. Even on single player, you have to save a certain amount of money to be able to afford a shortcut when you move onto the next level, otherwise you'll have to beat the first one all over again (I've only made it to the second level). The game will feel unfair, and you will say "I understand it is a challenging game, and I'm fine with that, but come on, why can't it just let me do this or do that". The unfairness adds to the difficulty; having to buy shortcuts, bats that you see coming still get you, and the scarcity of life (you need to rescure a damsel to gain a heart back). Little things that make the game that much more frustrating.

It's still a wonderfully mix of indiana jones and super mario. If you have friends you can play locally, I suggest checking this game out. Remember, you will want to play single player though so you can buy checkpoints, otherwise you will be stuck playing the same level over and over again. This is not exactly true though, as sublevels are randomly generated, so have at it, its a fun game.