User Rating: 8.3 | SpellForce: The Order of Dawn PC
This is a very good RTS-RPG. It emphasizes the RTS part more than the RPG, but some parts of the game are better done alone, without the army tagging along. However, those segments are limited. You will find that most quests require a huge RTS implications. You can still go into battle with the 3rd person view (Dungeon Siege type)but issuing orders become a problem and your army won't follow you in response to the WASD movement keys. The nice thing about it is the "almost vertical" bird's eye view of a large part of the map. Excellent to deal with large groups of ennemies. The click and fight system is easy and saves time letting cycle through ennemies with one key and one click (for spells or attacks). Good variety of units, except for assault or artillery is absent. One good thing is that units are cranked up at blinding speed, good when your base under heavy attack. This game has a great storyline. You feel like you're mowing down ennemies for a reason. You are always aware of how things relate to the big picture (not buried into side quests). Graphics are nice, especially the environment. Music is awesome! The "lord of the rings" epic-type music keeps you in the game. Overall, great looking game that might appeal more to the RTS fans, but RPG fans will get immersed and hooked by the story.