“Wonderful” A true blend of RPG and RTS

User Rating: 9.3 | SpellForce: The Order of Dawn PC
What can I say? I love this game and the two add-ons. From the character development to the base building, they have managed to get the balance right. The skill tree is diverse enough to tailor for the aspiring mage or the human tank or the wannabe Robin Hood. There are also plenty of races and units to command to satisfy the RTS fan.

It has a coherent storyline, with plenty of surprises along the way, and interesting characters with their own unique backgrounds. The world itself feels alive, with people going about their daily lives in the towns, and looks amazing, with a true day / night cycle. There are loads of weapons, armour, spells and other items to choose from. The more powerful are quest rewards and some have to be tracked down with some detective work.

There are plenty of side quests to keep you occupied, some of which are very intricate and span several levels which are amazing considering they are not necessary to complete the game. The interface works well and it is fun to switch between the overhead view, used to build your base, and the 3rd person view, allowing you to run around your new settlement.

The music is very nice and doesn’t intrude upon the game-play, the voice acting leaves a lot to be desired, but nothing too terrible.

All together, a wonderful blend of RPG and RTS, that’s loads of fun to play.