not a masterpiece or very innovative, but becomes much more enjoyable after the first few missions

User Rating: 8 | SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars PC
SpellForce is a pretty unique game that combining RTS and RPG. The theme of this game is a bit like Warcraft III, but I think this game better in almost every category. Warcraft was a classic RTS without any innovation but this game has some interesting ideas.
SpellForce is not a game that immediately reveals itself. It will require few hours of play before you feel compelled to play it out of your own desire. This will undoubtedly drive away a lot of players which is a shame because the game becomes much more enjoyable after the first few missions.
The game has Good graphics with a lot of detail. sound effects are OK. Long single player campaign is interesting and enjoyable to play. There are a total of nine races divided in 3 factions. Tons of items to collect as well as a pretty deep RPG element where you can create a unique and powerful party.
A variety of opponents and different types of monsters is also a great feature. Some missions are extremely hard even on easy difficulty settings. Many missions can be beat or made much easier by simply taking off with your party as soon as the mission begins and destroying fledgling enemy camps before they have enough resources to reliably defend themselves.
The main story is interesting and well implemented while some secondary quests tend to get boring. A vast number of items are available from long swords to daggers and bows.
One thing I really hated was Sloooooow pacing. You couldnt change the game speed in game setting. The maps are sometimes too big and Half of your time will be spent watching units move from one area to another.
The AI also has some issues. Sometimes when enemies are attacking players own units are standing still until they get killed.
Overall, SpellForce 2 is not a masterpiece or very innovative, but its a good choice for RTS and RPG fans and I think this game definitely worth to try.