Graphics, sound, cut-scenes, and gameplay was the things I was looking for.

User Rating: 7.8 | SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars PC
I turned everything to the max for the graphics with my 7900 GT GPU. Even with the setting set to max, some of the shadowing was a little bad. They integrated a day to night, where the light from the sky would adjust the brightness of the level. It gets annoying when you are playing because when you can see the block pixels on the ground for the shadows. You know that they didn't plan to have a person running a large GPU to run the game. My rating for the graphics for SpellForce 2: Shadows Wars is 8; they needed to fix up some of the graphics, but it is not noticeable to a normal person. Especially, when they are not looking for gliches.

When, I got the game, all the audio were turned to medium sound. I may not have the best speakers, but I usually turn all the sound up. I left the music slide bar where it was. I usually like the game's music, but I usually listen to my own music. The in-game music fits the game. I turned up all the other ones up. I like how the bass of the sound effect when I am playing the game. Some of the sounds are annoying, especially for some of the creatures, but they fit the creatures as well. The sound rating, I gave this game, a 9. There is some lag with the sound, but I think Windows has a lot to do with it.

Most of the cut-scenes are a bit laggy, even with my GPU, but the meshes are clean. When, your character walks up to a check point or talks to a NPC, it lags a little bit. I think it is going from a player's interface to a movie interface. The in-game movies uses the game engine to create the movie, so the number of objects (NPC) on the screen is lagging the movie clips. The rating I give the cut-scenes is 7, if they didn't mix some kind of movie clips because they used more of the game engine to create their movies.

I like the gameplay, there are two modes of gameplay. I remember playing Balder's Gate, this game is almost like, when you got a main character and you can't really control the NPC that fight along side with you. SpellForce 2 uses that concept and takes to an extra step. You can tell the NPC to attack the enemy, by telling them to use a spell or just attacking. You can pick different spells for them to use automatic and they will use them. The other mode, it's more for the rpg gamer, where you are behind your avatar. The gameplay rating, I would give for this game would be 7.

The reason why I gave it 7, the interaction with the game with your keyboard and mouse, it could be my wireless keyboard and mouse, it was really laggy. When, you hover over a button, the information is simple, but it doesn't give you alternatives like hotkeys to use. To view the stats of characters is pretty unique, you have to select the character and hover over the hp/mp bars.