This game is the complete package when it comes to great gameplay, graphics and character development.

User Rating: 8.5 | SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars PC
Spellforce 2 took me by surprise. And it hit me hard. I am still a little bit dizzy. In simple words - the game is great. It looks, it sound and it feels exactly like I would imagine and want it to do. From the early stages till the very end - in never stopped to amaze and entertain me.

Visually it's just beautiful and full of colours, just like fantasy world should look like. But great graphics and animation alone can not win prizes and fan's feeling for the game. Spellforce 2 delivers also all the things that are not seen or heard. Difficulty level is set just perfectly what helps the game gain on gameplay. The main storyline is fine as well - nothing specially revealing, but still top class. It doesn't bore you to death.

The character development system is one of Spellforce's 2 main advantages. It is more similar to RPG rather than to casual RTS games.

I really encourage you to buy this title. It's worth its money.