Not as good as the first one

User Rating: 7.5 | SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars PC

The first thing that flinged itself at me was the massive graphics change.
I find it disappointing that the good old graphics have been replaced.

Secondly: Now this game became an RTS-RPG instead of RPG-RTS.

Thirdly: Its a pity that nothing is left of the old game.
No old locations, idea of Rune Warriors discarded etc.

Fourthly: I found the game very fun to play all the same, but the create character screen is scarce.

All in all, it's a very good game along with the Dragon Storm expansion and the first series.
Im sure that anyone who played and finished Order of Dawn, Breath of Winter and Shadow of the Phoenix will be a little disappointed.
If you only have Order of Dawn, I recommend to buy Spellforce Universe as you get all the games released up to date (1st/Dec/2010)
and its FAR cheaper than buying them separately.

Pluses: Great gameplay, New Series,

Minuses: New graphics (Old fan), More of an RTS now, Poor create character screen

Recommendation: Play the demo first, if happy go buy Spellforce Universe.