THis game is simply stunning.

User Rating: 10 | SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars PC
From the opening movie the game grabs hold of you and doesn't let go. FIrstly I have to mention the graphics, the minimum spec will allow most users to enjoy the great graphics but this games stand head and shoulders above for high spec pc's. With everything turned up the graphics are stunning and the landscapes come to life. Game play is quick and easy to pick up and with the third person WASD system even FPS gamers will pick it up and feel at home with it. The skill and level system is very good and allows you to chose you favoured path, be it range weapons or close up tanking for the melee classes. You will also be able to choose a huge variety of spells with the mage classes. You can also choose yeour destiny very early on in the game being good or bad is your choice and iy will effect your path in the game. All in all the game is superb and will be loved by both RTS and RPG players but it is highly recommened to people you shy away from these games. Try it you WILL NOT regret it.