I am not much of an RTS fan but the RTS elements were woven nicely into the game.

User Rating: 8 | SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars PC
The difficulty of the game was a bell curve. Some areas I found easy and others I needed to read the walkthrus to complete the tasks. The graphics were good, the voice acting bad, but there were interesting plots, factions, and relationships (that often changed based on what part of the map you were on). The areas varied and looked great. Some of the side quests were interesting as you had to make ammends for others, sometimes with unexpected results. I like the charactors as some were grumpy, others struggling with self esteem, and the main charactor with a blast from the past.The most difficult part of the game were the controls.

On many occassions, you could not see the action as a tree, building, or other object blinded you. I was also easy to get lost in some areas and difficult to find your way out. The most frustrating part was learing how to summon your buddies when you were in a different area as the trainer was not very explanitory. I would encourage everyone to read a walkthru before playing the game. Lasty, some times you woul click on a group with no response and you would become raw meat as your unit/group stood there until it you were reloading as you were now toast. But the battles were great, with different spells flashing, expanding, making great sounds, arrows flying, and fire balls exploding . It was a fun game to play once you learned the controls.