The game programing is a living hell

User Rating: 5 | SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars PC
The game has good graphics and normal story and the levels feels like wow and the sound effects and music is decent but that is all you are going to get . you know why ? because they cut budget on the programmers as most companies do
let me summarize what happened to me while playing the game:
1-first I discovered that it has starforce on it so I waited for the gold version to show up then I didn't know if it had starforce on it or not and had to look up the internet for 5 hours then I finally knew that gold doesn't have starforce
2-I played the game and the first map won't even load and gave me a message about "access violation" and after 3 hours searching the web I found out that "sf2_base05.pak" file is corrupted and downloaded a 500 MB fixed file from the net to be able to play the game
3-the game worked well and then after 10-15 min the Graphics driver crashes and causes the game to crash so I had to search the internet again for 5 hours and found out about editing "reg edit" and adding a rule that doesn't make the graphics driver to crash if the game doesn't respond in 2 sec and changing that rule to 8 sec
4-the game worked well until I entered sevenskeep map after 4-5 hours of playing to find the game lagging like crazy giving me 5 fps when fighting and when normal inside town 16-30 fps
even after changing the settings to lowest it wouldn't make any difference. even thought I played fallout 3 and Elders scrolls 4 and Splinter Cell Conviction on high settings without any problems.
so I suggest that you buy a trash can with this game so that you can throw it in there once you are done

my specs are:
Pentium 4 dual core 3.4
Ram 4GB DDR 2
Geforce 9600 GTS