Good solid mix of RPG style and RTS game play

User Rating: 9.3 | SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars PC
It is not you typical RTS it has a lot of stress on Hero characters you actually create you own Avatar that is with you through out the game. Your avatar is upgradeable and you choose to specialize in Magic or Melee or both actually. You also get access to a surprising amount of items and the chance to buy and sell items with Merchants. Its kind of like RPG but you do actually get to built towns and raise armies...and you will need them.

Awesome graphics and engaging story first and foremost. I also like the ability to customer your avatar giving the game a sort of personal touch. The level variety has so far been nice also moving from army building maps to dungeon crawls with just your heroes, keeps things interesting. The path finding of the NPC is great too and its not something think about until you send all of your reinforcements across the map only to have them get stuck at a river somewhere because they can't find the bridge, this games path find is awesome I have had an NPC get stuck or lost yet.