SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Get the "parrot" alive Animal Protection
    Complete the Twiddle quest chain Back to the Future IV
    Kill every monster in the arena Behind the rabbit
    Kill all city guards in the city of Zerbo after the main quest (Mace of the Guardian is needed!) Bereserk thief
    Get 100,000 gold from rewards Bill Gates
    Get invulnerable 75 times with the avatar Can't touch this
    Cast Battle Cry 50 times with the avatar Cry baby
    Collect every power crystal and power every tower before attacking Zazhut Crystal Mountain
    Sneak through the city of Zerbo two times with the Mace of the Guardian on Very Difficult level Difficulty courts
    Hunt all the escaped monsters Disinsection
    Yes you do! Don't feed the trolls
    Get 1,000,000 gold from rewards Donald Duck
    Win the duel against the Shaikan boss at the first attempt Duel-Master
    All of the dwarves must survive in dungeon of Niethalf on Difficult or Very Difficult level Dwarf gush
    Reach level 30 with the avatar Epic Hero
    Catch Darc before he can run around even once Faster than Darc
    Conjure 66 demons with the avatar Fight fire with fire
    Cast 40 Fireballs with the avatar Fire walk with me
    Complete Westguard First Steps
    Destroy the southeastern Nameless base with 15 minutes on Difficult or Very Difficult level First strike still deadly
    Complete Zarach's People Fly
    Complete Remains of Steelcoast Footsteps in dust
    Complete Icewastes of Shalibar Frozen steps
    Find the mysterious green relic Green day
    Charm 50 enemies with the avatar Handsome
    Destroy the ballistas, the evil spirits, and the portal in the correct order. I can do it alone!
    Hit enemies with Slash 50 times If it bleeds, we can kill him
    Complete Demons of the Past on Easy or Normal level Knowledge is power
    Kubi rule them all Kubi Rule
    Find the lost orc soldiers Lost Recon
    Reach level 20 with the Avatar Major Hero
    Complete Demons of the Past on Very Difficult level Master Investigator
    Break all the mind walls of Sariel in X minutes on Difficult or Very Difficult level Mindhacker
    Reach level 10 with the Avatar Minor Hero
    Kill the beast with the seal without cosing it On the fly
    Walk through the maze without harming yourself Pathfinder
    Complete Demons of the Past on Difficult level Power leads knowledge
    Collect Armory of the Eo Relics of the Gods
    Save all the villagers and farmers on the map Save all
    Cast Salvo (Master) 40 times Seven sings
    Destroy the Demon base with only the Shadows Shadow Army
    Change your mind three times Silly walk
    Kill all the huge spiders on the mounds Spider-Hunter
    Get the puzzle key without killing the Lich on Difficult or Very Difficult level Steal the Key
    Complete Stepping Stones Stepping up
    Kick the seal with all of the fire golems Team-play
    Complete Forest of Argan The last march
    Close every gate after opening them Thou shalt not pass
    Complete the map on Very Difficult level Tough one
    Complete The Citadel Tour to the past
    Cast 200 shaikan spells True Dragon
    The developers law Urban Law
    Complete Realm of the Gods Walking among us
    Complete Shadow Realm Walking in the shadow
    Kill the Lich without him spawning back once on Difficult or Very Difficult level You won't come back

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999, Guard Master