There is just no motive to keep playing. Buy a Pokemon game instead.

User Rating: 6 | Spectrobes DS
Spectrobes is a clear Pokemon rip-off, especially since the concept is a guy set out to capture and use creatures to beat the enemy. When you play the game, you may ask, "Why am I playing this?" This is exactly what Spectrobes does. Most people want a game they can get absorbed into.

I kept this review short because I kind of got board half way, and din't have as much to talk about it.

Talking among characters takes way to long to finish at the beginning. And then after that, you have this incubation chamber for Spectrobe eggs, which looks so confusing to use at first, because there is not enough explanation on how to use it.

Although the battling can be fun at first, yet also confusing, so I gave it props for at least that.

Oh well, let the grading begin:

Graphics: 8/10 :Pretty Good, for the DS at least.

Plot: 4/10 : Dull, and really hard to follow at times. Like I said, it's so much like Pokemon.

Characters: 9/10 :Rallen and Jeena were designed nice, no real problems there.

Gameplay: 3/10 :The controls can be so confusing, and at other times, too simple. There just isn't enough to battles. L for Spectrobe 1, R for Spectrobe 2. Seriously.

Difficulty: 5/10 : Too Easy. Just too easy, and too hard at other times.

Overall= 29/50= 6/10= "Not so Good"

Buy a Pokemon game instead of this. For real.