Not bad but still missing something.

User Rating: 7.5 | Spectrobes DS
This is my review of the game: Spectrobes

Read the information below to see what I think about different kind of rating.

Graphic(6 out of 10)Graphic is not good.It isn't horrible but the graphic is not
good.If you don't like bad graphic games you should not buy this game.But make sure you read my review first.Maybe there are some parts you might like about this game.

Price(8 out of 10)The price I say..not bad for some fun game like this.But they should have more thought about the price of this game.Anyway what matters
is the fun of the game right?

The Fun of the Game(7.5 out of 10)This game lets you create your own monsters and dig fossils and lots of other stuff.But the only thing is that
the graphic may bother you and the storyline is very boring and confusing.

Anyway, that was my review of the game: Spectrobes