Not the best game ever but still fun...

User Rating: 7.5 | Spectrobes DS

Sound: I really liked the music in Spectrobes. Even if it was a little bit childish, I still liked it.

Gameplay: In spectrobes you play the roll of NPP officer Rallen with his trusty sidekick Jeena. While on patrol you discover a man sealed inside a space pod that just crash landed on the planet. He reveals to you that you can resurrect ancient creatures called Spectrobes from old fossils, and that you must use them in battle against the evil Krawl to save your galaxy. Throughout the game you'll dig up and discover new spectrobes feeding them minerals to level them up. I found that digging up mineral after mineral gets REALLY repetitive fast! But its fun discovering different cool new spectrobes.

Graphics: the graphics are not that good, the Spectrobes you see in the database look really awesome though, as well as the intro-video and cut-scene ( there's only one....really )

Overall: Spectrobes is a fun game that deserves more respect then Gamespot gave it.