Not bad. Not bad at all.

User Rating: 9 | Spectrobes DS
When I first saw Spectrobes on a commercial, I thought it'd be an okay game, but not one worth buying. Then, Beyond the Portal came out. I thought that if a second game was made, that the first had to be pretty good. And it was! I've always liked excavating things, like those little clay pyramids that you get in a museum gift shop that let you dig up little fake treasures. With Spectrobes, it's even better! You can dig up Spectrobes in their fossil forms, minerals to feed and power up the Spectrobes, and Cubes that unlock information and special features in the game, like Wi-Fi connection. Anyways, in Spectrobes, you play as Rallen, a Planetary patrol officer with his partner Geena, who soon discover that there's more behind the strange happenings that have been...well happening. They find a man named Albus who explains the Spectrobes to them, along with the strange black vortexes that carry the evil creatures known as the Krawl. You must beat down every Krawl necessary with the help of a variety of Spectrobes to work your way towards the Krawl leader. This game is very straight forward, and leaned towards my sense of interest. If you're a fan of Disney Interactive games, I recommend picking up Spectrobes!