Gameplay is cheap, battling feels weird, music is annoying, only thing that's cool is the cutscenes.

User Rating: 5 | Spectrobes DS
Spectrobes are the dinosaurs to us. Everyone thinks they are extinct except for a Spectrobes master who is some sort of Patrol Officer. So I take my place as the patrol officer who just can't run properly. Gameplay is just so wonky. I can't seem to go diagonal and I just can't slow down. Camera angle is facing the top of his head which makes it feel really weird.
Battle is even worse. I can't escape doing it. I try not to run into these stupid tornadoes but they just come up to me and suddenly I'm sucked into this little battle of me and my spectrobes onto some evil spectrobes. The gameplay for battle is just plain dumb. The only way I can control my spectrobes is the R and L buttons. L for my left hand Sepctrobe, R for my right. I just move them into place with the arrows and it seems just so stiff. But there is an up to it. You can get special powers for your spectrobes which make them begin some awesome powers in some awesome cutscenes...
That's another good thing. The cutscenes. They have awesome 3-D graphics! They were just so awesome that I knew the game would be great! But it wasn't. They almost trick you.
Music is a bit annoying. I just felt an erge to trun the sound off.
Enviroments are alright but making that the only thing on the top screen is just weird. Basiaclly everything is done on the bottom screen.
Multiplayer is alright. I've never done it but I think you can trade Spectrobes with other players and battle with them, but don't take my word for it.
Look, if your looking into Spectrobes I would wait until the sequel comes out (I am!) or otherwise you'll have no fun at all with this game, especially if you've got no one to verse on it with.