Spectrobes Cheats For DS

  1. Card code list

    These are all the codes that can be entered at the card port machine unlocked by the Upsilon cube which can be found on Kollin 1 to the right of headquarters under the tree in the upper left by the museum or downloaded from the wi-fi downloads section for 1 point. The codes are entered in the form:

    ----[ I ]--[J]--[K]--[L]----

    If you need help on where to tap...
    A - The end of the upper left arrow
    B - Above the word "the" on the first line of text
    C - Above "port" of the word "portion" on the first line of text
    D - The end of the upper right arrow
    E - To the left of the first "the" on the second line of text
    F - The letter "d" of the word "card" on the second line of text
    G - The second "the" on the second line of text
    H - The letter "s" of the word "arrows" on the second line of text
    I - The end of the lower left arrow
    J - Below the "T" of the word "Touch" on the third line of text
    K - Below the "een" of the word "Screen" on the third line of text
    L - The end of the lower right arrow

    Note: Thanks to everyone on the board who helped compile this list and a special thanks to whoever it was who first came up with the system for displaying the codes.

    Effect Effect
    2134 DAL Aobasat Apex
    3412 HCI Cyclone Geo (must beat game)
    1243 AHE Danaphant Tuska
    4123 CHK Danilob
    2134 BGJ Emerald Mineral
    1243 BED Grilden Biblad
    3412 IDG Grildragos Drafly
    2134 AFJ Gristar
    1243 AHD Hammer Geo (must beat game)
    4123 EHI Harumitey Lazos
    3412 DAG Ice Geo (must beat game)
    1243 ECD Inataflare Auger
    1243 CHL Inkalade
    1243 KDA Iota Cube
    3412 DIF Komainu
    4123 HKA Kugaster Sonara
    2134 FIH Mossax Jetspa (Custom Color 1)
    1243 AFI Naglub
    2134 GHA Plasma Geo (must beat game)
    2134 LJE Rho Cube
    3412 BGK Ruby Mineral
    1243 KEH Samukabu
    2134 HDI Samurite Voltar
    1243 BFK Sapphire Mineral
    3412 GED Segulos Propos
    3412 CGL Seguslice
    4123 IHG Shakor Bristle
    3412 LIH Sigma Cube
    4123 HEB Tau Cube
    4123 IAH Thunder Geo (must beat game)
    4123 AEJ Vilagrisp (Custom Part)
    2134 JHI Vilakroma
    3412 HFE Vilakroma (Custom Color 1)
    4123 ACL Vilakroma (Custom Color 2)
    1243 ICL Windora
    4123 ADC Windora (Custom Color 1)
    3412 FLI Windora (Custom Color 2)
    2134 ELC Windora Ortex
    1243 ILD Windora Ortex (Custom Color 1)
    4123 ICD Windora Ortex (Custom Color 2)
    3412 LAK Windora Sordina
    2134 IKD Windora Sordina (Custom Color 1)
    1243 HAJ Windora Sordina (Custom Color 2)
    4123 IJL Wing Geo (must beat game)

    Contributed by: DRayX 

  2. Rewards From the Giant Vortexes

    To unlock the vortexes which award Geos, you must first beat the game. To win the prize, you must complete all of the rounds in the sequence.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Daichi Area 1 vortex Cyclone Geo
    Complete Nessa Area 2 vortex Evolve Mineral
    Complete Nessa Area 3 vortex Hammer Geo
    Complete Himuro vortex Ice Geo
    Complete Ziba Area 3 vortex Plasma Geo
    Complete Ziba Area 2 vortex Thunder Geo
    Complete Meido vortex Wing Geo

    Contributed by: scorchy99 

  3. Cube Locations

    These are where to find the cubes that unlock game features:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    on Genshi area 1, at the entrance to the forest area, there is a person there, search below him sigma cube (DS wireless play)
    once you unlock nessa, go to area 2, go to the right until you see a spire sticking out of the ground, search below it tau cube (wi-fi)
    once you unlock kollin, go downwards from your ship, then go right, you should see a tree soon, search under it upsilon cube (enables card input)

    Contributed by: Elektro8 

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