Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals Cheats For DS

  1. Spectrobes Card Input System

    Must be past a certain part of the game(early on). Card Input Console is in the upper left corner of the cargo room(blue elevator in the ship).

    Effect Effect
    2341HPB ATK Seed
    1432IOB Azenor Cacti; Adult Spectrobe; Corona; Custom Color 2; Custom Part
    4213GBM Bakuraiya Wolve; Secret Spectrobe; Flash
    3124abn barrier sword adds to def+atk stats
    1432CLS Defense Seed; Mineral; Raises a Spectrobe's Max Def.
    4213LFP Dendama Spiko; Adult Spectrobe; Aurora
    2341CFS Evolve B; Mineral; Reduces number of battles needed for spectrobes to evolve to 0
    1432FGO EvolveL mineral
    3124MHG Extra Rooms; Lab System; 4 Extra Incubator Rooms
    2341TCA Gives you 80 attack 5 way blaster.
    4213AFJ Hp Seed; Mineral; Raises a Spectrobe's Max Hp.
    3124APE Isadora Slizo (Secret Spectrobe)
    1432DLA Kibetekaa Empra (Secret Spectrobe)
    2341AIH Leozar Dragos; Evolved Spectrobe; Corona; Custom Part
    3124CRG Lets you turn your ship orange.
    1432FQJ Marine Wing; Cruiser Parts; Full Set
    4213RGN Mugon (flash) child
    3124MPC Pagoni Talos (flash) adult
    4213FMS Pinska; DARK Adult Spectrobe; Aurora(Must be past certain part of the game to recieve this.)
    1432BDJ Plasma Blaster; Strongest gun in the game
    2341AJG Shimainu; Child Spectrobe; Corona
    3124KFN Tamzoa; Child Spectrobe; Flash; Custom Color 2
    3124MOG Titanium/Metalium/Marble(5)
    1432JOB Unlocks Anuberos Boomer

    Contributed by: tonythewolf, hakumeikage09, protoparadox16, shinydarkrai94, crh1985, Wyrmcraft 

  2. Geos and the Ultimate Forms

    Equipping a Geo allows you to summon an Ultimate Form Spectrobe. This replaces your combo attack, and after you use it, the battle ends. Their use automatically terminates vortexes, and they cannot be used in Sequence Battles. Since they all have the same effect, the main factor in deciding which one to use is personal preference.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Sequence Battle lvl. 1. Cyclone Geo: Zorna
    Automatically unlocked during the battle following the one against Dolgon and Dolgan. Flame Geo: Tindera
    Beat Sequence Battle lvl. 3. Hammer Geo: Larrup
    Beat Sequence Battle lvl. 5. Ice Geo: Artezza
    Beat Sequence Battle lvl. 4. Plasma Geo: Voltorn
    Beat Sequence Battle lvl. 2. Thunder Geo: Fulvina
    Beat the last Sequence Battle (lvl. 6). Wing Geo: Shulla

    Contributed by: Doom_Gnome 

  3. DGamer Honors

    Achievements using the DGamer system.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat the second High Krawl, Gelberus. Defeated Gelberus
    Purchase every excavation tool Excavation Drill
    Defeat 100 Krawl Dust. Field Battler
    Complete Sequence Battle lvl. 3 Geo (item holding Ultimate Form)
    Defeat 1000 Encoutered Krawl. Krawlinator
    Defeat Krux Krux's Mask
    Successfully excavate 100 items. New Digger
    Complete Rallen's battle training. Passed Training
    Earn first Krawl Dust medal Rallen's Sword
    Log onto DGamer online with a username. Spectrobes 2 DS
    Play 100 wireless (1 on 1) battles. Wireless Veteran

    Contributed by: mudkipz123, Doom_Gnome 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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