One of the Best shooting Game and waiting for the part 2 as well.

User Rating: 8.5 | Spec Ops: The Line PS3
This game is a really epic game!! with a nice story line and Graphics are Good!! but less realistic features are less and the team commanding is not that much good..when playing this game i can see that the production team of this game has done and hard work but there are few of bad areas so if they re-correct those and make some difference in the 2nd part then this game also can be a massive game.!! Online gameplay is not that good in this.Not only Battlefield and modern warfare is the only best shooting games.. There are some story moments that make an impression, however. There's a humorous homage to the similarly inspired movie Apocalypse Now, and a number of licensed songs are piped in to the battlefield to set an appealing fatalistic tone. Both of these examples are the work of the mysterious Radio Man, a disembodied and incongruously jocular voice emanating from speakers rigged throughout the city.