Its definitely a fun shooter but its more or less the same kind of fun we've been seeing for a few years now...*sigh

User Rating: 7 | Spec Ops: The Line X360
Ok so I'll start of with the graphics cause i think if it looks ugly, then its not worth checking out...I have to say, from a technical point of view, the graphics really aren't that good, I mean its acceptable but it just doesn't live up to modern day standards. But from an artistic point of view, the graphics are absolutely amazing, the beautifully structured skyscrapers emerging from the stormed wasteland is an absolute pleasure to watch...but unfortunately you don't get that much "outdoors" experience to enjoy these amazing landscapes as most of the time your forced to endure the poorly designed "indoor" graphics.

The Gameplay...its definitely fun for casual gamers who are new to shooters, but hardcore gamers will definitely be unhappy...I mean the whole "Take cover, Shoot, Take cover" works well for the core mechanic, but unfortunately thats all there is! There's basically no creativity or "wow factor" done with the game! It's a game that would've made alot of noise if it came out earlier but its a bit too late...a few years too late.

Your gonna have fun playing it but once the relatively short campaign ends, the 60 bucks you've spent on this mediocre game will definitely come back to haunt you.