With a story making you question your actions and some solid shooting, Spec Ops: The Line is both unique and familiar.

User Rating: 8 | Spec Ops: The Line PC
With a story that makes you question your actions the entire time, alongside some solid third-person shooting, Spec Ops: The Line will be fairly familiar for most, but also unique at the same time.
You play as Captain Walker, sent to Dubai for reconnaissance, but things escalate and you end up on a search for General Konrad who is somewhere in the city, forcing you to fight your way through refugees and American soldiers. The characters are done very well, each of the two guys with you have their personalities that clash and even question your orders. The best part of the story in this game is how much it makes you question your actions. There is an element of choice throughout the game, though it is not always black and white. The ending has four options, so there is a reason to play through again.
As is it a console port it won't look too much different on PC. The game looks good, not mind blowing, but also not bad at all. Character models and faces are convincing and help you stay immersed in the story. Sandstorms sometimes blow through during firefights and block your vision, light is blinding when you leave buildings and Dubai is impressive even when it is covered in sand.
This is a standard third-person cover-based shooter. You won't see any gameplay elements you haven't seen before, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun. The shooting and movement felt very solid the entire game, though I had some trouble with not getting into cover and not running correctly during some faster paced areas. Otherwise everything worked just fine.
There is multiplayer but good luck finding a game. There is also co-op but I have yet to play that either.
I very much enjoyed playing through this game. The campaign took me about 5 and a half hours to complete, so it isn't very long. The story is what should make you want to play this game as it actually makes you wonder why you are killing, instead of just mowing down thousands of people without a second thought.

So do you feel like a hero yet?