Unexpected good shooter

User Rating: 8 | Spec Ops: The Line PS3

I played this game because it was given free by PSN and I wanted a game that I could finished in 8 hours or less.

When I started to play this game, the graphics didn't impress me at all. Very low texture all around, even in characters. The story is weak during the first part of the game. Then It gets interesting but no enough At the end you don't really know if what you actually did. You took decision during the game that affect the perception of good and bad at the end. (I like that part, but it is not good after 7 hours to beat a game that you haven't done any good).

I glad for not having had spend USD 59,99 two years ago when this game was released because it doesn't worth it. However, free game it is another story. I really enjoyed the shooter side of the game. Some scenes were well done, really like it.

If you are Plus member and you haven't played this game. Give it a try. This is the kind of game you can beat in a day.

Thanks for reading.