Average Joe Wants His Averageness Back

User Rating: 5 | Spec Ops: The Line PS3
Sometimes you start something and you can't finish it. Maybe that something is some crappy chinese food, maybe it's a boring movie, maybe that something is high school. While I did finish high school (thank god) there are so many things I've started and not finished it's incredible. Does that mean this is all just part of my personality? No. How do I know this, you ask? Because I manage to finish things all the time.

Spec Ops The Line is not one of those things. Which is a shame really. Yahtzee liked this game, so I figured it be at least good enough to finish till the end. Come to think of it though, I believe it was the story that was lauded over anything else. It certainly isn't the gameplay, I'll tell you that much.

Spec Plops is a standard third-person shooter. You can run, find cover, shoot, throw grenades, give your fellow troopers a command to shoot something, stomp on peoples' faces and pretty much everything else you can do in any other third-person shooter. Dudes are shooting at you so you shoot back. The concept is pretty straight forward.

Controlling your character is not more fun than going to a water park on a hot summer day. It's more like a chore. He runs weird, jumps over cover like a monkey, and shoots like a champ. At no point do you feel these control mechanics separate Spec Ops from any other 3rd person action game. It's like all these developers just use the same formula. The same ingredients. Then they just color in the environment differently.

Spec Ops defines what most everything on the PS3 and Xbox 360 is, which is average. You'll have an average time playing it, and walk away from the experience feeling just as average as when you started.