Discussion of the ending (Spoilers duh)

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Just wanted to know what y'alls take is on the endings. I went back and played them all and I just want to know what everyone else thinks. NOTE: this is not the place to come and say the endings sucked

Im not quite sure what to think of the whole thing, like did walker make it all up? I think it all actually happened but some stuff im not quite sure. In one of the very first cutscenes walker says they are there to" leave the city then radio back outside the storm wall and go home"
So like Konrad said, they werent actually suppossed to go? And i dont understand walkers obsession with konrad either...

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I know that Konrad helped save Walker during the time in Kubar (Can't remember the proper title of the place) that Walker talks about on the odd time through out the game. After choosing the ending of shooting myself (Walker) in the head and everything that followed that, I sort of took that as Walker has looked up to Konrad since he saved his life. After hearing about Konrad being missing in Dubai Walker wanted to try and save Konrad himself to sort of return the favour that he perhaps thought he was owe him and the obsessive nature has just overun Walker causing him to think that he's hearing Konrad when he's actually not....
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I think everything went south when you are forced to use incendiary shells on the civilians.Seeing that scene and everything related to it (it was kinda disturbing rly) in combination with everything around you walker cracks.He cracks further more after he gets hitted in the head (after the heli crash) and loses all control blaming Konrad for his mistakes.After all of this i chosed the surrender ending and honestly uninstalled the game,it was too messed up.