Spawn is cool, but i guess SCEA doesn't like him. That's probably why they put him in this horrifying game.

User Rating: 1 | Spawn: The Eternal PS
Well, i thought Spawn was so cool, so sure i was definetly gonna buy Spawn the Eternal. I really wish i hadn't. I have never gone through such sadistic torture except for Big Rigs, but that's another story. The reason this review came 10 years late is because the fact that couldn't stand to talk to anyone about this piece of f**king horse s**t . I wish i had a revolver at the time so i could've blow my brains out so i wouldn't have to review this game. But it's my duty to expose the horrors of sucky games. Here we go.

First off, the graphics are absolutely horrible. They are so pixelated and choppy. Spawn looks a bunch of blocks piled on one another. The people you fight look the same, it's so f*cking stupid.

Second, where's the story? You're Spawn, and you're fighting gang guys. There's your f**king story. I don't see why Spawn is running around fighting random gang guys for no apparent reason. You run around, fighting dudes, and opening doors. Woop-Dee-Doo.

Third, the controls. Since i haven't played this game in 10 years, I don't remember the controls, but I remember one thing. They suck. The combat controls were excruciatingly choppy, and just sucked. They f**king sucked. It was so hard to f**king play because Spawn the Eternal had suckish controls that made me want to rip my heart out, put it in a blender, and then drink my heart juice, and puke it up.

Don't play Spawn the Eternal. I see 11 people with this on their wish list, I hope my review changes their opinion. Please don't play this game, it's almost as bad as Big Rigs.