Spawn the eternal is a waste of time.

User Rating: 1 | Spawn: The Eternal PS
I like spawn. I mean the comic. Not this game! Cause this game is.... A nuclear weapon. This game kills peolple. When i saw this game i couldn't found anything positive in the game. The graphics was ugly. The Sounds was terrible . The controls.... Well there was no controls. You cannot controll this game. And the gameplay..... Spawn the eternal is a crap. A huge crap. I saw bad games in my life. I saw even terrible and poor games. But this game is the worst game i've ever played. Really. The worst.

The Graphics: Ugly, terrible, disgussing... I'm gonna puke. 1/10

The Sounds: Ohohooo.... Don't worry.... If you hear this, after that you will never hear anything, so this game will protect you from the other bad sounds. 1/10

The Controls: Uncontrollable. Really. UNCONTROLLABLE!!!!! You can't do anything with that F*ckin controller! You can't do ANYTHING! 1/10

The gameplay: The worst. This game ... oh sorry! This isn't a game. This thing can't be enjoyed. 1/10

The good: Good? After 8 hour gameplay, and a lot of trying, i have to say: This is the only game in the world, what doesn't have any good.

The bad: The whole game.