I highly doubt that any of ya have even played this game.... (Read before thumb downing my review)

User Rating: 6.5 | Spawn: The Eternal PS
Guys this game ain't abysmal it ain't that bad. It's like one of the first playstation games I had ever played and I still got it somewhere. I highly doubt that any of ya have played it. The first review posted was in 2005. This game is almost impossible to get now. The only way to get it now it to order it from ebay or amazon or another similar site and I doubt any of ya would waste money on this game since it has a bad hype. This game ain't bad for it's age at least the combat is kinda fun. But I know it's not a 1.8 or 2.5. It really does lack story and voice acting but I like it when you kill someone after a fight the enemy goes flying back and a cool sounding scream. If they would of remade this game game with better story and voice acting it might of gotten a score of at least a 6.0 or above. But the game was really hard though.