Space trading with a kick.

User Rating: 7.5 | Space Trader - Merchant Marine PC
I saw this game for sale on Steam so I though what the heck. With it being only $10 how could I go wrong? Well, I didn't......for once.

Space Trader is a mix of a galactic trading economy and first person shooting game. When I say First person I mean that you can recieve jobs from various people and send you hunting for the bad guys. Basically you have a select number of chances to kill your target before he either kills you or his henchmen and gets away. So far, this has been easy but it may get harder the more you progress.

The trading section works well for the most part. You have numerous goods you can buy/sell such as silver, gold, alien life forms, drugs - really nothing you haven't seen before in games like Freelancer but the thing that makes this game stand out from the rest is that you can compete with other traders either on timed missions or who sells/buys the most.

You start of on Earth and then move to the moon once pass the first level. After the moon the game opens up to other planets in our solar system. The main goal is to obtain your ship to leave Earth but this is where you'll learn how to play the game. You can also explore around the levels but this feature is very limited because the planet areas are small. You can talk to people on different planets through dialog some will be part of the scenery others will give you jobs or information and you can trade with.

Graphics in the game are lacking but it's by no means a bad thing. With trading your main goal you never really pay to much attention to the game details unless your in a bounty hunting mission where your view is FP.

The sounds are ok but nothing to rave about. I did like the in game music making me feel at home in space or a planet with it's sci-fi vibe. The voice acting is funny but hey it's a "Indie" game.

Replay value is this games stronge point. You can play the levels over in different ways for better outcomes. With trading there is always replay because of the market buy/sell just like our real world stock market.
The market changes based on supply - demand and you may see a good is high. Wait until the good goes down in price then buy it. You will also get warnings around the solar system where you can find deals on goods. This is a helpful trading feature.

Space Trader is a good trading game that adds more in the way of mini games and exploration although on a smaller scale than I would like to have. If you have $10 to spare and a interest in trading and exploration give this game a try.