One of the best Scifi trading games

User Rating: 7.5 | Space Trader - Merchant Marine PC
To think this game is boring is untrue. This was one of those games that would be passed over and would end up on the clearance rack quickly. However I find that this game is a unique trading/combat game which features planetary trading and the use of first person shooter mode when either killing invaders on your ship or taking down a huge crime leader.

This is also one of the few games which the story interested me and was quite funny. The voicing was funny most of the time, how often do you get to hear a robot voice say "OMG 1337" or "W.T.F". Back to the story part, it is a somewhat untold idea from other movies or games, though it is still based on things in science fiction it is also original in some aspects, as what game makes you just want to get as much money as possible via trading in space with different planets, except gazillionaire and other then that it doesn't include the fighting scenes.

This game is missing a few things as well, such as more modern graphics but due to the nature of this game they actually fit into the gameplay regardless, and also allows for no lag what-so-ever which is great on more modern games. The fighting parts could have used more levels, or areas since they had only about 2 that were seen from spaceship battles, and about 3 on other missions and fights. The majority of your time will be spent on the planet and the fighting portion will be spent on just 1 ship view.

Money is now the base of everything, which hasn't changed in the real world or gaming world. Besides the fact that everything in this future life has nearly tenfold in price. While this game does not have a free play/sandbox mode, the campaign is fun, though also on the short side, but 3 challenge missions have also been included and a multiplayer mode. Though it will probably unused if a friend doesn't have this game to play with you also.

Overall, definitely a great and fun game for a few hours, an expansion or second should be made with a few improvements (sandbox mode, longer campaign, maybe a bigger planet map with more things to do each landing). I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have some fun trading and shooting gangsters.