A scifi fan must, way under rated!

User Rating: 8 | Space Siege PC
This is another one of those games that is severely under rated and is given bad reviews. I find that this is a quality game maybe a little repetitive but isn't Dead Space, which is a 9.0, editor's choice. Well simply they are just about the same except minus the creepier part, and of course cybernetics.

First off for anyone used to traditional WASD controls, this is way the opposite, instead the cursor is used to click or hold down to guide forward or backward and AD are used to control direction. While WS or the arrow key alternate is used to zoom, either decently high or pretty close. Graphics are well represented of a massive spaceship with features of oxygen plants, engine rooms, bridge, medical labs, cybernetics, defense turrets, robots, an alien race called the Kerek, 2 very cool cybernetic bosses etc. Also the camera angels benefit the game map well and movement view, as to get away from the cliche first person view, this game would not have done as well with it anyways.

There is an included upgrade system for two different things, cybernetics which the increased stats may not be great but seeing your character transition from human to more robot is awesome and unique. The second upgrade system uses parts which are accumulated from anything killed and various weapon caches and toolbox's, with an auto loot feature to boot. These pieces can then be used at any med center work bench to increase player stats, create weapons including auto turrets and grenades, upgrade the robot called HR-V or Harvey, and to increase player weapons which 10 are included such as assault rifle to cybernetic cannon. Each posses there own benefits fighting enemies but also the special abilities that your player Seth has.

Usage of several different types of enemies keeps the game from dulling down to the same ones, though a lot of the time they are the same the details and name change to represent a stronger model even being able to see aliens augment themselves with human cyber technology. Such foes include a like Serious Sam impression of the rhino that charges, and alien version runs toward you and just about knocks you down or stuns you. Then there are the regular gunners, assassins and the works.
The story is pure Scifi goodness, as the human race is nearly wiped out and the infamous Kerek have been attacking and nearly wiped out the human race which is left except that not only are they after you and the survivors but the ships AI "Pilot" is also trying to at first "subdue" the humans to save them, however since Seth does not give up Pilot then resorts to capturing them and turning them into cyber humans that he can control to (in his mind) save the human race from complete extinction. This is revealed of course through a plot twist about mid game and even though something of the nature was bound to occur it was still fun to listen in on the story, with pretty good voice acting included.

This is a must own for the collection by any true scifi game fan.