Space Rangers HD: A War Apart Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Try all the drugs in known universe Addict
    Survey 30 000 sq. km of territory on uninhabited planets Archeologist
    Get promoted to the "Baron" pirate rank Baron
    Max out all skills Been There, Seen That
    Destroy 200 non-combat ships Black Skull
    Take a scientific approach to Blazer problem Blazzard
    Get all possible decorations Brezhnev Descendant
    Help pirates conquer all the known systems Captain Chaos
    Complete the game with a score of at least 50 000 Champion
    Get promoted to the "Commander" military rank Commander
    Kill the original Mr. Shu Copyright
    Land on the Terron and defeat it in a planetary battle Death From Above
    Fail to pay 3 debts in time Defaulter
    Recover from all the possible illnesses Eternal Healthcare
    Eliminate 500 ships in hyperspace Ethereal
    Destroy 150 ships using missiles Fire & Forget
    Eliminate the pirate threat For Coalition!
    Complete the game in less than 7 (game) years FTL
    Help the pirates defeat the Coalition Galaxy in Flames
    Kill 500 pirates Guardian
    Complete the game without loading a save Hardcore Nerdiness
    Destroy Keller in the hyperspace Hasta La Vista
    Complete all the missions given by female special agents Henpecked
    Make 500 hyperjumps Hyperactivity
    Defeat your enemies in a black hole without using weapons I Didn't Do Anything Wrong, Sir
    Complete the game without completing any mission I Don't Have Time For This
    Hoard 10 000 000 credits It's Never Enough
    Serve 10 sentences in a jail Jailbird
    Research all Dominator technologies at a science base Light of Science
    Finish the game in at least 100 years, earning a score of at least 20 000 Long-lived
    Change your race 30 times Many Faces
    Have 6 wingmen under your command at the same time Natural Born Leader
    Reach speed of 2300 points Need for Velocity
    Convince 15 pirates to cease attack of another ship without using weapons Negotiator
    Send Keller to explore the galaxy New Frontier
    Accumulate 25 000 nodes Noda Bene
    Earn 5 000 000 experience points Old Guard
    Make sure you're hated by every race of the Coalition at the same time Pariah
    Liberate Gralgar system Peacemaker
    Defend 20 systems from Dominator or pirate assault Phalanx
    Fund the construction of 20 Coalition bases Please Donate
    Take the lead in rangers rating Pole Position
    Fail 10 parcel deliveries Postman
    Find the secret hull "Shadow of the Empire" Power Overwhelming
    Upgrade all the equipment of your ship at a science base Prototype
    Hire three female special agents Ranger's Angels
    Complete 30 text adventures Reading Is Your Friend
    Win 40 planetary battles Robot General
    Complete 50 government missions Secret Agent
    Sell at least 200 illegal shipments (50 units or more each) Smuggler
    Pulverize 100 asteroids Space Miner
    Vaporize 5 ships in one turn using quark bombs Splash Damage
    Defeat Blazer in a fair fight in space Terminator
    Send Terron on a star conversion mission Transform This
    Complete the game without shooting down any ships True Pacifist
    Sell goods for 5 000 000 credits total Tycoon
    Switch your allegiance from Coalition to pirates (or vice versa) at least 15 times Uncertainty principle
    Fry 10 ships with a star Well Done
    Conquer 10 solar systems for the pirate clan Yo-ho-ho
    Successfully complete 30 system defence missions You Shall Not Pass
    Force Blazer to land on a Coalition planet You're Grounded

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Console commands

    To activate cheats, hold down Ctrl + Shift while typing the code. You have to input them in a specific places (indicated in brackets) in order for them to start working:

    hole Creates a black hole and allows you to choose which hyperspace map you want it to lead to.
    boom Destroy all enemies unless Keller is present (Hyperspace)
    technic Equipment stops deteriorating
    klissanitem Get a Dominator weapon (space station)
    bigmoney Gives 10.000 credits (Equipment screen)
    hugemoney Gives 100.000 credits (Equipment screen)
    rangerpoints Gives 1000 ranger points (Ranger center)
    gun Gives one of each weapon
    god Invulnerability
    skill Maximizes all skills
    ideal Player's hull transforms into an "Ideal" class hull
    repair Repair all items (in space, when very near a sun)
    showmap Reveals the whole map
    ammo Turns on unlimited ammo and fuel.
    packing Weight of all items are set to 50% (in space)

    Contributed by: happybro