this is the sega saturn version of an all time arcade classic

User Rating: 8.8 | Sega Ages Vol. 2: Space Harrier (Gentei Special Pack) SAT
there nothing really more to say about this ohter than... it rocks!!!!! the best gameplay around simple but addictive, the graphics are really good 2d with some sort of 3d motion and effects , the first boss is a good showcase of the great graphics , the sound, nothing special, but the sound of your weapon can get really annoying and altough this such a hard game( i can't any further than the 4th stage) you can't stop playing it . this game made an important in my childhood because i couldn't stop playing it , but more important it had the power to amaze people like no other game when you saw each boss it seemed like they had own live, it looked like they were going out of the screen and i have to say when i play my saturn a had titles like virtua on marz, virtua cop, and also virtua fighter but man the only game i remember playing was SPACE HARRIER , long live for sega, for establishing a generation o arcade games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!