A good game for sms, but Space harrier has seen better days...

User Rating: 8.3 | Space Harrier SMS
I originaly discovered space harrier YEARS after it came out on the sega dreamcast. The game was in the arcade in a game called shenmue. I would often find myself, instead of looking for my dead father, playing video games at the arcade. My favorite game was darts, but space harrier was a close second. I love the game, however, this isnt the same game as it was in shenmue.

I was pretty sure that the graphics were going to be far worse then on the shenmue version, but i figured it would still be fun. Unfortunatly, this version features visuals that make it hard to play. In a 3d world its far easier to see whats coming toward you, because there are more frames and such, but it seems that the visuals of this game alone make it pretty hard.

The gameplay is still fun if you learn the method that works for you. I could still spend an hour or two just playing this game if i wanted to. The basic gameplay is a big guy with a giant bazooka trying to "save the dragons"... Really, its pretty pathetic, but the gameplay is very addicting if you love old school games.

The sound is nothing special, but its pretty nice for sms. The voices seem scrambled, but you must take into account the age of the game. The sounds are pretty "good" but i wouldnt call them superb or anything.

As i said before, old school gamers could find hours of fun in this game, but if you dont play old school games much anymore i wouldnt recommend this. It shouldnt cost you much more then 3 bucks to get the game, unless you have to ship it from somewhere. Id really like most people with an sms to try this game out ^_^