Harrier than who?

User Rating: 8 | Space Harrier SMS
Space Harrier is a rail shooter type game that was initially an arcade game, and because of it's extreme popularity it was made for several home consoles and computers. It was actually made twice for the SMS, one of which was a 3D version which supported the use of the SMS 3D glasses. Many not-so-old school gamers will recognize Space Harrier from the playable in-game arcade games that are present in the Shenmue games.

Space Harrier takes place in a surreal world in which the ground has a checkerboard pattern. The enemies include prehistoric animals, Chinese dragons, and alien pods. The player is forced forward along the levels, running or flying left & right around enemy fire, while shooting back with fireballs.

Like After Burner, Space Harrier was among the first arcade game to feature a console in which the player sits, and which moves according to the joystick movement. There is also a non-moving sit-down version and a standard upright version. Space Harrier is a good throwback for those of us who were around when 3D style games were new. I'm guessing younger players wouldn't find too much enjoyment in the game, however.