Most bugs swashed

User Rating: 8.5 | Space Empires V PC
great update to SE4- i like the Real time aspect.

Basically its identical to the SE4 release. All the techs are there. A bit expanded as eaxh tech has a longer list of advances and high lvl destroyers are larger than low lvl cruisers. That makes having "smaller" class ships advantagous longer.

Only problem i noticed so far and its a big one is that the AI isn't very tough. I have yet seen it put up a serious fight. Yes it took over a few of my planets here and there- mostly when I just took over a planet and forgot to defend it - but it rarely if ever attacks an even lightly defended planet.

A few space skrimages are most I see- which is basically useless for defense if the AI isn't aggressive in taking or taking back planets.

Still - its a bit fun and the AI might be more aggressive if they get larger. I'll give them more resources next time and see if it helps.

I expect there ti me many mods in the future too.