A good 4x game with plenty of options and research and planets to colonise and spaceships to build.

User Rating: 8.5 | Space Empires V PC
This is quite a comprehensive 4x game, everything an empire builder needs is there from very different planets to colonise, to an extremely rich research tree, through the possibility of building an incredible variety of custom starships.
All the bugs have been swept off by the numerous patches - Malfador is very reactive. The community has developed graphics mods which improve nicely the visual aspect, even if this is not a game about special effects. The AI will not offer much resistance to your domination, as it is unable to create a fleet worth its name, but it can be stubborn if you increase the difficulty, and then there are a lot of mods balancing the game you can choose from.
The Space Empire series has always had a strong community of dedicated followers.

If you like organising and managing an empire and plenty of customisation, you'll be fulfilled.