Just the thing for the hardcore strategist, but it may be a little too much for the casual gamer.

User Rating: 8.3 | Space Empires V PC
A few hours into my first game of Space Empires V, I uninstalled my copy of Galactic Civilizations II from my harddrive and threw it away. There really was no reason to keep it. I wouldn't play it again anyway and Stardock wouldn't support it if I'd given it away to a friend. But this isn't about that game, this is about SEV. And SEV's not for those players light on time or easily distracted. Everything takes time in this turn-based strategy game, nothing is quick, but that cuts two ways. It can be frustrating when you discover that you can't just pick a race to play and stock ships to build, that you must design everything. For me, though, it's sweet that I get to customize my ships to fit my personality. Gameplay-wise, SEV is essentially Starfire on the PC and that is a very good thing. It was also released in a rather buggy state and that's not a good thing, but as of now it's been patched to 1.17 and plays well. Of course the bugs hurt SEV's reviews and that's the price for a rushed delivery.