While initially the game shows potential, it quickly gets bogged down like so many other 4X games.

User Rating: 4.1 | Space Empires V PC
Right from the get-go SE5 bogs you down with an overwhelming number of options and then continually gets worse until you feel like you're lost in menus. Like so many other 4X games that showed promise, SE5 went too far in creating a deep game. You can spend 5-10 minutes designing a ship only to have to redesign it in a couple turns. You can spend forever trying to colonize space only to get confused about where your colonies are, what they're able to do and just what you have at your disposal. And don't expect important information to be right at your fingertips! The most important info is buried one or two menus in. The info at you fingertips initially seems important, but you will quickly realize that it is not.