Much Improved, Virtually Bug Free

User Rating: 8.5 | Space Empires V PC
Buggy at first. I didn't buy it until patch v 1.25 which was much more functional. On patch v 1.35 by now. Very few problems nowadays. This game is like Gal Civ II but much more complex. I notice that the Gal Civ II expansion was playing catch up to SE5 (Gal Civ only recently required civilizations to have the necessary technology to colonize different kinds of planets with different kinds of atmospheres). For complexity and sheer scale, nothing beats SE5 at the moment.

The only big weakness of SE5 is lack of graphical and sound aesthetics. Gal Civ II is definitely much more beautiful to look at. SE5 can't even achieve the astounding grace and beauty of Homeworld (a game that's several years old!). Now if only the tactical combat in SE5 is done like in Homeworld, SE5 will be perfect!