Space Empires V Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    Here's a few of the cheat codes for SEV. In the main window type the ~ key then type the code and type the ~ again to use it.

    Effect Effect
    money adds 100,000
    research adds 100,000
    intel Adds 100,000 Intelligence Points to the current player
    viewallcombats All combat is shown on screen
    restoresupplies All of current player's ships get full supplies and ordinance
    allplayershuman All players are set to human control
    repair Completely repair the selected ship
    fastbuild construction gets 1,000,000
    alltech Current player gains all technologies
    allempseen Current player has encountered all other empires
    allsysseen Current player has seen all solar systems
    omni Current player is omnipresent in all solar systems
    viewalldesigns Get copies of all enemy ship & unit designs
    recalc Recalculates all the formulas and requirements, etc. for items in the game. Use if you find unusual happenings after modifing game files.
    restoremove Restores the movement points of a selected ship or fleet.
    retrofit [design name] Retrofit the current ship to a new design
    runturns # Runs # amount of turns as all players as computers
    showstats Show statistics on the selected combat object
    collisiongrid Shows the collision grid in combat
    nomaint Your empire no longer pays maintenance

    Contributed by: Knight1192, michifus, Sterling0